A Walk in the Park

I have been studying nursing in Sheffield, these pictures are from an afternoon when I had decided to escape my dingy student accommodation room and go for a wander, with my camera to the botanical gardens. They were taken with my old camera, so the quality isn’t the best, but I still like them.

I like these 2 photos because of the contrast of the colour against the autumn leaves, I also like that i captured the rain drops on the petals of the purple flower.

The next photo I took at Chatsworth House of some cows relaxing in the sunshine. Again this was taken with my old camera.

The next photos were taken at home, near york, I took them as quick snapshots with the camera on my phone, I love being able to capture photos this way, whenever, wherever! These were taken at Kilnwick Percy, a Buddhist retreat near Pocklington – I think these pictures capture the beauty and   tranquility of it. On most photos I would complain about the sun being too bright but I like the streaks on the top picture, I also like the way it has reflected on the water on the bottom picture, showing how still it was.

My last few pictures for this blog were taken when I went for a local walk (at home) down a disused railway line. These were taken with my new bridge camera that I bought second hand. I really love this camera, because although it isn’t the best, it’s a lot better than my old one!!

I like the next two because they show the beginnings of spring, and I feel that they draw you in – they certainly make me want to repeat my walk! 

2013-04-18 14.13.25

My last picture for this blog is of my dog shaking after going for a dunk in the local stream!  I really like the way I caught the spray coming off him and his happy wagging tail!
2013-04-18 14.18.06


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