A Wander Round York – 18/5/13

I spent a few hours in York with my cousin, Simon taking photographs. We took quite a few between the two of us, but I thought I’d share my favourites with you.

You can view Simon’s photos on his photography blog here: http://simonjbrady.com/2013/05/19/people-of-york-and-other-sights-2/

This photo also features in his blog, I would just like to point out that I spotted it first 😉  Wot u sayin!

2013-05-17 01.48.41-2

The next photo is one of my favourites from the trip. I wasn’t sure about the lamp post but apparently it doesn’t obstruct the photo too much.

2013-05-17 02.06.25-2

This photo was also taken in the York Museum Gardens. I really like the contrast of the foliage and fluffy clouds with the more industrial York Wheel. I took a few different photos that also achieved this contrast.

2013-05-17 02.14.48-1

2013-05-17 02.15.20-1

For this one I wanted to really make the blosson stand out from the rest of the picture so I put everything else in black and white. I think it looks quite striking this way.

2013-05-17 02.20.06

I like this photo because it shows how windy it was!

2013-05-17 02.36.58

2013-05-17 02.31.48-1

I like the speckled sunshine through this one.

2013-05-17 01.59.21

Tea pots on a market stall,  I don’t really know why or how I took this picture, but it turned out well!!

2013-05-17 01.13.33

This next picture, is my favourite and the best photo that I took from the trip. I edited it to make it look like a vintage photo, and am quite proud of it!

2013-05-17 01.39.54


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