Chester Zoo

I know I keep making posts about animals but i love capturing their personality and expressions. Once again these photos turned out much better than expected, a trip to Chester Zoo that was well worth it due to amount of babies that were there, and some close up encounters with the giraffes!

This lioness was prowling around the cage and the zoo keepers were trying to get her inside. Here she is lying down looking thoughtful before deciding to follow their calls!


A mongoose surveying the area around it, and deciding where to dash off next!


I really like that I captured the colour of the butterflies eye on this one.


I was close to climbing in the bush for this one, but it was worth it! I really like the thought that alot people might have missed this bird sat on its nest in the bush, but i was able to get a picture of it!


The giraffes on these photos kept looking over the top of the very tall fence, and staring at us, they almost look like puppets here.

2013-05-24 03.32.46

2013-05-24 03.31.50

An old, but smiley, elephant!

2013-05-23 22.20.24

And a young one (6 months old), with mum.

2013-05-23 22.20.43

2013-05-23 22.21.35


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