No animals this time i’m afraid! Here’s a few I took at Scarborough on the beach and in the sea life centre!

2013-06-01 00.22.26-2

This was a type of coral in the sea life centre, It was waving about with the movement of the water in its tank, I tried to capture this with this wave like shot.

2013-05-31 23.34.11

The beach huts were really colourful and I couldn’t leave without a photo of them! I tried to pick an angle where I got the roofs and doors in, to break the colour up a little bit. I also like the way the colour is reflecting off the concrete floor.

2013-06-01 00.32.32

I think I prefer this one in black and white, but thought I’d stick the colour one at the bottom too – let me know what you think!

2013-06-01 00.24.55-1


I will also blog about my craft things at some point! Please feel free to comment and give feedback 😀


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