Pyjama Shorts

I’m writing this post instead of doing my uni work, whoops! I’ve just spent the weekend at my cousin’s house; on saturday we decided to raid the charity shops in Leeds, where I found a pattern for pyjama shorts. Having found this pattern we decided to  raid the material and haberdashery stalls at leeds market and make a pair in the evening; here is how we made them.

You will need:

1m of fabric (we used polycotton/cotton)

1m elastic 2cm wide

2m of ribbon

matching thread


This is the pattern I used, although you have to ignore the 80’s style fabrics, the patterns are really easy to make, however the instructions take some deciphering. It’s make it easy pattern 31. I didn’t follow the pattern strictly so I’m going to tell the way I made them.

The first step is to cut out the pyjama trousers pattern. I then folded the pattern to the desired size and length. I decided to leave the length of  longer than the pattern suggested as I wanted a pair of pyjama shorts that were respectable (all the ones in the shops seem very short!). You need to allow for a tube for the elastic at the top of the shorts, and turn ups at the bottom.



Once the pattern was laid out on the fabric (which I doubled over to save me cutting out everything twice). I cut out the pieces and my cousin came up with the idea of labeling them as ‘back’ and ‘front’. This was very useful for later.



Once I had cut the material out I then pinned a back piece and the front piece together, right sides facing each other and sewed, i then pulled across the inside of the leg, pinned and sewed again, then repeat for the other side. This creates the two leg pieces.


I then turned each leg the right way round (wrong sides facing together) and pinned the crotch on the inside (I found this easier than doing it the other way round, it doesn’t take much to confuse me!), making sure the seam is on the inside of the shorts. I then turned them inside out again and sewed them together.

The next job is to zig zag all the raw edges and seams. Don’t forget the top of the shorts and the bottoms of the legs.

I then folded the waist over by 3cm and pinned to make a tube for the waistband elastic, I then used this to work out where I wanted the button holes for the ribbon, opened it up again and made the button holes using the sewing machine.   I then repinned the tube for the waistband and sewed around, leaving part of it open to thread the elastic through.


once the elastic was thread through using a safety pin to guide it, I adjusted the waistband according to comfort and sewed the ends of the elastic together, but still leaving the gap open. I used the safety pin to thread the ribbon through the waistband. once I had done this through the button holes I made earlier I sewed the gap on the waistband for the elastic up.


I then used to turn ups to finish the bottom of the legs, this involved folding over the material twice over underneath and then back on itself. I then sewed them together using two rows of top stitching. This bit took me a while as I had to press each leg to get it right, then pin them before sewing, and it was quite difficult to get it even on each side. You could just hem them.


Just to finish them off  I used some matching ribbon and a button hand stitched to the sides of each leg. Here’s the finished product!



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