Amsterdam – September 2013 (1)

I thought id share with you some pictures of my holiday in Amsterdam, that i shared with my cousin Gemma, although I am splitting them into three posts, as there are a few too many pictures for one post! Here’s part one!

On our first day we decided to cycle from the campsite we were staying on into, and around Amsterdam. Its safe to say we hurt quite a bit by the end of the day, however we found cycling surprisingly easy due to the flat nature of the land in Holland and said it would’ve been much more tiring cycling in the UK!

During our bike ride we came across this bridge.


We also came across this bench. I really like the simplicity of this photo, although it was taken in colour I felt the bright green of the grass distracted the viewer away from the bench so i put in black and white.


Once we got into Amsterdam, we began to cycle around with no direction. Heres some of the sights we saw.





On our way back through the park (Amsterdamse Bos) that we stayed in we found a goat farm, we thought this was really random and in the middle of nowhere!




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