Amsterdam – September 2013 (3)

So here’s the third and final instalment of my photos from Amsterdam.

The first one, is a bicycle propped outside a shop. Originally this photograph was all in colour, and although I really liked it, I thought it was a bit busy. I decided the best way to overcome this was to apply colour on top of black and white.


In Dam Square we saw a man blowing huge bubbles, I really like both of these photos, and the colours captured on the bubbles. Again on the second one I felt that it was too busy with the whole photo in colour, and wanted the viewer to concentrate on the bubble and the man so applied colour on top of black and white as well. I think this was very effective. šŸ™‚



This picture is of a lake we found in the park we were staying in, it wasn’t far from the campsite so we decided to take an evening walk. I love the way the clouds reflect in the water and the sun has given it a warm orange colour.


Again, these two were taken on our evening walk, the campsite was opposite some greenhouses, we think they were growing orchids in them (would you expect anything else in Holland?!). Behind the greenhouses in the distance is ‘Schipol’ (Amsterdam aitport). The sunset was beautiful.

I love the colours in both of these photographs, admittedly the second on was an idea pinched from my cousin(she went on the holiday with me) who took a photo of some wild flowers with the sunset behind!



The last four photos were taken on our last day. They were both taken whilst wandering around Amsterdam. I like the way both boats have reflections in the water



We spent our last day inside the ‘Rijks museum’ (an art gallery), and we also visited ‘Anne Frank Huis’. This one was taken sat at the edge of one of the canals whilst waiting for our time slot for Anne Franks House.


And Finally, although this isn’t my best photo, its my first attempt at some night time (well dusk) type photography. This is something I’ve always wanted to have a go at, and I think it looks quite pretty!



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