Harrogate: the challenges!

I visited harrogate for the first time, with my cousin simon (you can see his blog at http://www.simonjbrady.com). We set ourselves a series of challenges whilst we were there, mainly just for fun, but we also thought it would make an interesting blog post.

The challenges were, to photograph something:

Red – a photo with only the colour red in it.
Unfortunately, someone with blue jeans on walked behind at just the wrong time!!

With the number 6 – no other numbers, just a 6.


With no straight lines – this ones self explantory.

Just incase your wondering what this one is, it’s a close up of some coving we found in a tiny shopping centre.

With no posts in it – no lampposts, or sign posts (road). No close ups, or macros.


With one person in it – a photo with only one person in it, easier said than done!


Shiny – anything with something shiny on it!


With a pattern – a photo with a pattern on it.


With a bird – a photo of a bird or something with a bird on it.


Cool – the finale of our challenges; something that made the other go ‘that’s cool!’


Heres the link to simon’s blog http://wp.me/p2IBqc-HZ to view his entries for the challenge. Let us both know what you think!

You can see the rest of my harrogate photos in my next post.


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