Scissors case, a rare craft post!

For christmas I was bought a pair of posh sewing scissors, so I though I just look after them and make a scissor case for them! I pushed the boat out and bought some Cath Kidston material to make it from.

Here’s how I made them…


First of all I chose the material I was going to use, I wanted the inside to contrast the outside so chose the spotty cotton, alongside the flowery cotton duck.


I then laid my scissors on some paper and drew round them to create a pattern, this included the flap, and added an extra section to allow for seams. I then used this to cut out the fabric (both lining and outside).


I then one piece from the lining and outside and cut the flap off.


I then laid the pieces together with wadding in between. In the middle, the outside fabric with the right sides facing inwards, then the wadding(i cut this in the same way as the fabric) and then the inside fabric facing outwards. Remember to match up the pieces with the flap together, and the pieces without the flap together.


I then used bias binding to pin the layers together and sewed it all together by hand. Make sure you go through all the layers whilst your doing this. I left sewing the flap and round the top of the front until later.


I pinned the flap and the front together so non of the raw edges were showing by tucking them inside opposite each other and sewed them together. Within the flap I added a piece of bias binding in a loop between the layers of fabric to use to secure the flap with a button.


The finished product!


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