Ear ring jewellery roll

So today I woke up and decided it was time to do something about all the earrings I had lying around the house, mainly because I don’t even know what I have anymore! So i got my fabric stash out and decided to make a jewellery roll, I’d seen these online and had thought about making one for a while.

I chose my fabric and the lining and cut out two rectangles and a piece of wadding around 20 x 25cm, and sandwiched these together with the right sides facing outwards, with the wadding in the middle and rolled the seams into the middle at the top and bottom sides, I also sandwiches a piece of ribbon at the top, and one at the bottom in the middle of these.

I then cut out three strips of fabric around 7.5cm wide, and 25cm long and sewed these down the long side, then pulled them through so the seam was on the inside on the them (like a rouleau loop), i then placed this across the inside of the the roll (you may wish to stuff these with some of the wadding, i didnt, and it works fine), tucked the ends into the seams (rolled under as above), then sewed all the way round…easy! I then just pushed my earrings through the strips of fabric to keep them together.

Heres the finished product, no more lost earrings!





You could also use the bands across the middle to loop necklaces round, add a band with a popper at the end for rings or add pockets for necklaces. I think i may add some pockets later on for spare earring backs.


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